The Future of Food to 2025

By Jane Milton

 04 Mar 2016     Comments

I was a guest at the City Food Lecture on 16th February to hear Christophe Jouan, Chief Executive of the Future Foundation , share his thoughts on what he believed would be The Future of Food to 2025.

Here are some of his thought provoking highlights :
Food is both Fuel and Fun – theatre around food in restaurants, retail etc
• Continuing Increase in Flexitarians Currently in UK
7% vegan,
6% avoid certain meats,
34% restrict meat intake,
18% more sometimes restrict meat
Very few developed countries with less than 25% of population not moderating their meat intake. Ways of eating like 5:2 and conscious off-setting are becoming more normal.
Products like Sea Bacon- a red algae that is a meat substitute
• Food as Fuel- Food Optomised 24% of UK see food as fuel- products like Soylent
In Contradiction though only 9% say food is not a comfort or fun
• Food with Benefits Beauty, Health, Mood Enhancement
Products like The problem solver beer, Moon juice shop and their Beauty Dust product.
• Tracking Becomes Mainstream Apps like Vessel ,a smart app calculates the nutrition in what you drink
Algorithms will calculate probabilities from your eating habits
64% of people want to be in control all the time, very few want any risk- sobriety becomes increasingly acceptable, becomes fashionable to be in control of your life.
• Food Gets Faster Meal kits delivery – Pronto, Deliverance, HelloFresh
American Blue Apron valued at $2Bn
These businesses are disruptors from the norm

Do you need help working out what this means for your business, what you should be developing, launching or working towards for the next few years, then email and I will be very pleased to help you


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