Visiting Speciality & Fine Food : four marketing tips

By Jane Milton

 02 Sep 2015     Comments

alt I look forward to offering business growth and marketing advice at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair at Olympia next week. As well as meeting new food businesses, it’s a great opportunity to catch up with my clients, many of whom are exhibiting or visiting.

Recently Deborah Meaden and I were asked about our tips for food businesses for the show edition of Speciality Food magazine and the online version is here.

Here’s my four top marketing tips:

  • Start with your branding, make sure it stands out, is easy to say the name and spell it (important for online searches) and that you can protect your IP and don’t infringe on anybody else . Ensure you can get the domain names too.

  • Social media is a really good way to build brand awareness and connect with consumers and press have a clear strategy and stick to it. engage with others don’t just shout about what you are doing , behave as if you are meeting people face to face.

  • Getting a listing is only the beginning, keeping your product there means you have to get people picking it up … in store tastings are still one of the most effective ways for small businesses with new products to get traction in the market

  • If you are looking for press to help promote a launch , you need to be thinking four to five months ahead as that is how far ahead monthly magazines work, with weekly magazines and colour supplements usually working a month or so ahead.

I am taking part in the business mentoring workshops on Monday 7th September. If you’d like to book a slot then please follow this link. Not many spaces left, so be quick.


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